Tournament Entry Form and Rules 

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RCBSA Classic Entry Form

18th Annual RCBSA Classic
Nebraska & Iowa USSSA State Baseball Qualifier

Sponsored by River City Owls Baseball

Played at Iowa West Foundation Youth Complex in Council Bluffs, IA • 3 state of the art baseball fields• 100% volunteer staff running the complex

3-game Guarantee (most teams will get 4) – Pool Play format USSSA sanctioned teams only

Limited # of teams each weekend – enter early.

Visit for more information or call Bill Gillman @ 402-658-7771.

April 20th thru April 22nd – 9, 11 & 13 yr old A/AA
May 18th thru May 20th – 10 &12 yr old A/AA

ALL AGES – Cost $250 per team, plus $150 pre-paid team gate fee (All Fees include applicable sales tax)

2017 RCBSA Classic Rules

River City Baseball and Softball Association
1. Rules: USSSA rules, unless superseded by the Tournament rules listed below shall be followed.
2. Appeals: Decision of the home plate umpire on the field is final, no further appeals will be allowed.
3. Baseballs: Provided by tournament.
4. Ejection: Players or team representatives (coaches, managers, scorekeepers…) ejected from a game will not
be allowed to participate in their teams’ next game.
5. Official Score: Home teams’ scorekeeper will have official book.
6. Shoes: Steel spikes are optional in the 13, 14 divisions, but are not allowed in any other division.
7. Courtesy Runner: Courtesy runner will be allowed for the pitcher and catcher ONLY. The courtesy runner
can be any player not currently in the batting lineup, or if all players are hitting, the last batter not to reach
8. DH/EH/Batting Lineup: All age groups can either bat nine, ten (using an EH) or their entire lineup. There
is no DH.
9. Substitution: If you bat everyone in the lineup you may have free substitution. If not batting the entire
lineup, starters may re-enter the game only once and it must be in the same position in the batting order.
Non-starters are not allowed to re-enter.
10. Pitching: USSSA pitching rules will be followed. Pitching will be recorded and tracked for each team and
available for public viewing.
11. Game Length: All games will be 1 hour 40 minutes in length (no new innings started after this time) –
EXCEPTION: Championship games will have no time limit. 9, 10, 11, 12 and under will play 6 innings.
13, 14 and under will play 7 innings. During pool play, if the game is tied at the end of the game, it will be
over and each team will be awarded a ½ win and equal runs allowed. Elimination games will play until a
winner is determined. All extra-inning games will utilize a tie-breaker rule as follows: the last hitter in the
lineup will placed at 2nd base with 1 out in the inning – this begins in the 1st extra inning of play.
12. Mercy Rules (same as USSSA):
1. 7-inning games – 15 runs after 3 innings, 12 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings.
2. 6-inning games – 15 runs after 3 innings, 8 runs after 4 innings.
13. Start Time: Game time is forfeit time.
14. Warm-Up: There will be no infield warm-up.
15. Rain: In the event of rain, 7-inning games will be official if 4 innings have been played (3 ½ innings if the
home team is leading); 6-inning games will be official if 3 innings have been played (2 ½ innings if the home
team is leading). All games suspended prior to that point will be resumed at the place where they left off.
The tournament committee reserves the right to shorten game length if games are lost due to weather.
16. Eligibility: All players participating in the above tournaments shall be on the official USSSA on-line roster.
17. Tie-Breakers: Pool play standings and wild card teams will be determined in the following order: a) Best
Record. b) Head to head record. c) Run differential (max of 8 per game). e) Fewest runs allowed. f) Coin
18. Food/Drink: No Food or Drink can be carried into Iowa West Foundation Youth Complex. NO COOLERS
ALLOWED. Full-service concession stand will be open throughout the tournament.
19. Bats: USSSA Bat Rules will be enforced.
REFUND POLICY: If 0 games played, refund $175 plus gate fees. If 1 game played, refund $125. If 2 or more games
played: NO REFUND